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Important Press Releases - April 2007
Future Sambar Management and Hunting

Minister of Conservation: press release
Sambar Deer Mgmt. Foundation Inc.: press release
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The Objects of the Foundation are:

To promote the sound management of Sambar Deer in the Wellington Province and to ensure that the species survives in numbers compatible with their habitats
To ensure that appropriate recreational hunting opportunities are maintained and to advise the Minister of Conservation on the form and implementation of any hunting season, including advice on how to recover costs associated with implementing a hunting season
To advise and provide assistance to any relevant agency on problems or other matters related to sambar deer and to promote sambar deer management regimes which are compatible with conservation principles advocated by the Department of Conservation
To ensure that appropriate technical research is carried out to achieve successful management of the species
To recruit and co-ordinate the services of volunteers for any aspect of sambar deer management including hunting
To be responsible for funding any management or research undertaken by the group except that which is undertaken on a voluntary basis
To resolve conflict between landowners, sportsmen, conservationists and the public generally where this arises due to the presence or absence of sambar deer